Nutrition 2.0

September Madness! It creeps up on me every year and I get that kid in a candy store excitement and anxiety at the same time every time labour day weekend comes around.  Summer is ending and it’s time to get back to work….for real.

Parents think that only their lives are affected by the school schedule and that it’s only them who look forward to kids going back; but I have a news flash for all you parents out there, EVERYONE looks forward to the kiddos returning to school! Back to school means back to routine, end of slow summer slumps at the office, and the beginning of a whole new wave of opportunity for those of us in the entrepreneurial world.

On that note, let me fill you in on some of the awesome plans coming up for September at Living Green Nutrition.  As some of you are aware, I am currently working out of a weight loss clinic located near Headon Forest in Burlington at Mainway Dr. and Walker’s Line 4 mornings a week and one evening.  Afternoon’s bring about my usual work activity from Milton, but 4 days a week I work with the amazing and beautiful Nicki Hawkins, owner of Keep It Lite with Nicki ( ) .  As well as seeing clients for weight loss, I will be starting a series of bi-weekly seminars on Wednesday evenings from this clinic.  Our first seminar will take place Wednesday September 10. 2014 at 7pm.  The topic will be on packing healthy lunches and meal preparation and organization.  This seemed a fitting topic for all those teachers, parents, and students out there getting back into lunch packing routines.

Living Green Nutrition will continue with seminars at VedaLift Milton, with date to be determined shortly! VedaLift is on Bronte St., Milton, and the lovely owner Patrizia can be found mixing up various herbal  remedies, and doing amazing healing facials.  She also has a team of talented health and wellness practitioners including 2 manual osteopathic practitioners, 1 acupuncturist and massage therapy as well.  If you are looking for a calm, welcoming environment, I highly recommend VedaLift!

As well this month, I will be starting my 3rd session of my Health and Fitness Group based out the Milton Sports Centre up at the walking track.  Open to men and women of all ages (16+), we will be doing a new workout every week for 30 minutes, learning how to eat right and live well for the final 30 minutes, once a week.  This will start on September 18th at 7:30pm at the Milton Sports Centre.  Please inquire for more details and be sent registration forms.  Included in this group is a personal nutritional assessment made just for you, a grocery store tour, a weekly workout, weekly food journal and meal planning help, and discussions on various health topics regarding weight loss, weight gain, sports nutrition, and other requested subjects.  This session is 8 weeks long for 1 hour a week! Email me at for more information.

Living Green Nutrition will also be launching a new weight loss section, affordable and an option for every type of person.  You can choose from a variety of options like bridal packages, pre and post natal, Freshman 15, and more.  You will receive information online to your inbox daily to give you instruction and have a choice between personal visits and weekly phone calls.  To stay in the loop, send me an email at and I will add you to the monthly newletter giving you all my latest information.

And finally, if you haven’t noticed yet, Living Green’s website is currently undergoing some changes which will be better for bringing you all the latest and greatest news and information! So stayed tuned and stay healthy!

As always, for free consultations or to pick my brain, just call or book an online appointment to find out more about how I can help you get your health back and be the healthiest, happiest version of you!

Always Yours,

The Living Green Girl




Ready to be Healthy

healthyAs a holistic nutritionist, many people think I have my own nutrition completely figured out. Well let me tell you a little secret….I don’t! Health and nutrition is an ongoing learning curve even for us nutritionists and health professionals. We are a rare breed of life-long learners that are always hungry for more information.

Recently, I decided to hire my own personal nutritionist so that I can be held accountable too.  Just because I know what to do, doesn’t mean I always do it to the best of my ability for myself.  I also find that I  learn so much by getting an objective opinion of a fellow nutritionist.  There are so many ways to approach health and wellness and many practitioners stick to the same techniques for everyone, forever.  Personally, I enjoy getting different treatments and experiences how each modality helps me or doesn’t help me, so that I can be fully informed when  referring clients.  The other benefit is that I’m constantly improving myself too.

I’m on day three of my new nutrition protocol and feeling absolutely amazing with some lazer focus I haven’t had in a few years! Duh! I know, go figure that making changes makes you feel awesome. So what else am I doing you ask? Good question.  I’m now seeing a manual osteopath.  Now, if you’ve never had a manual osteopathic treatment, I highly recommend that you look into the different types and try both out to see what works for you.  I have a classical manual osteopath and he’s great!  This one I can only in explain in one word….STELLAR! yep….stellar is exactly how I feel after each treatment.

Am I doing anything else? Well of course I am silly.  I’m also beginning to see my friend Patrizia from VedaLift Milton for herbology.  You may never have heard of some of these things I’m trying, but what’s stopping you from researching it? Getting a free consultation? Ask and you shall receive! Herbology is a highly unspoken about modality.  It helps people of all ages in a natural and affordable way.  She helps with acne, with hormonal imbalance( hello menopausal ladies out there!), with weight loss and all kinds of other stuff. So go try it…now…go now.

Are you sitting there thinking, “yeah yeah, I have better things to spend my money on, that stuff is so expensive and my baby needs food and diapers, my god, why so many diapers?!” And now you are stressed out and not focused on you anymore? Well snap out of it because those are just excuses.  I do NOT pay a fortune for this stuff, but what I do, is network, get involved in my community, use referrals to people from friends, trade services and do my research.  For example did you know that in Hamilton there is a free, yes FREE manual osteopathic clinic at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy? Or have you ever just asked about modified payment plans? It’s not the first time a practitioner will be asked such a question, believe me! I get many people who do not decide to see me because of my fees.  How do I handle that you ask? Well, I don’t change my fees typically, but what I do is work with a modified payment plan specific to them for what they can afford.  Seeing me and fixing your health, makes you less likely to need medications, and all kinds of expensive treatments.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to fix your life.  We are here waiting for you, but until you are ready to commit, we can’t help.  So go, get your free consultations, do a little research on your lunch hour, talk to your neighbours, your friends, and colleagues.  You will be surprised how many people you know that can help!

So if you feel any of the below symptoms consistently, please contact me or another practitioner for advice because you are all important to me, and I want all my readers to be happy and healthy!

Heart Palpitations
More than 10 pounds overweight
Unhappy more than happy
Stressed/Anxious more than once a week
Hair loss
On prescription meds for more than 2 years

Well, do you feel sufficiently lectured? No? Well, read it again! I promise to keep you all updated on my fun and sometimes strange experiences over the next few months.  Why don’t you tell me some of your experiences? What really helped you change your life? What didn’t? More importantly, what did you learn from it all?

This is the Living Green Girl signing out! Stay happy, stay healthy.


The Living Green Girl

Jaclyn Clarkson


Weight Loss on Vacation!

cuba photoHow many times have you booked a vacation while you were on a health kick? And how many times have you stayed on that healthy lifestyle during vacation? And how many times have you continued to lose weight while on an all inclusive trip?  For most of you, the answer is zero, zip, zilch! But can I just say…..I DID IT!

Now before you stop reading, I know I’m the girl you want to slap right now because you just came back from vacation and gained back all the weight you worked so hard to lose, right? Yep, I get it, but I’m still proud of myself, and I wanted to share with all of you how I did it and how you can do it too.

I recently returned from a week long all inclusive vacation to Cuba and as we all know, all inclusives are not known for making you healthier.  More relaxed…yes.  Healthier….no.  No one I know has ever managed to resist the all powerful buffet! But let me tell you how I lost 2lbs and felt great through my whole stay in Cuba.

Step 1: Make a pact with yourself that you will make a plan and stick to that plan.
Step 2: Make a plan.  For me this plan was already done a week prior because I had created a health protocol for myself and my workout partner.  It helped to have a workout partner who I knew would be sticking to the plan while I was away and I couldn’t come back heavier, I had to come back the same or lighter because I knew she would’ve been working her butt off while I was sitting on the sand.

Your plan doesn’t have to include a detailed protocol like me, but even something simple like cutting out processed sugars, desserts, and wheat products while including whatever your weekly exercise goal is.  I recommend if you are like me and have  weight loss goal, that you write it all down in a journal.  Write down your workout schedule, what you are eating every day and figure out how many calories you need to take in to lose 1-2 lbs a week.  (If you don’t know how, this is a service I provide!)

Step 3: Get a map of your resort and plan out a good hotel room workout just in case they have no gym.  Most resorts have a small gym, and of course there’s always the beach and the ocean for added activity.
Step 4: Go on vacation! and commence operation stay healthy!

Step 5: When you enter the resort on your first day, relax! Enjoy a drink in a comfy beach chair, go for a swim, and then check out the resort.  Where is the gym? What time is breakfast? etc.  Make your plan for your days.  Eg. Wake up, claim beach chairs, go to breakfast, go to gym, go to beach, lunch, pool, dinner, evening activities….you get my drift.

How to deal with the food situation! When you go to a place like Cuba, you don’t generally expect great food.  So perhaps this wasn’t as challenging for me as it would be in say….Hawaii, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply this to every resort that has an all inclusive set up.  There is usually a salad bar section, bread section, a cold seafood section, desserts, and then the hot food stations.  This is the order in which I filled my plate every time: 1) half a plate of salad, fruit, and cold veggies 2) find a protein (in my case usually pork, chicken, a hard boiled egg, or fish) 3)a starch which for me was plain or purple rice or a mixture of both.  I stayed away from most of the pastas, and anything with cheese or looked deep fried. If there is one thing Cubans do well, it’s rice!  4) I chose a dessert at dinner (like fruit).  For me it was banana a flambe or fruit with a brownie square which I didn’t always finish entirely.   By filling my plate in this order, it was pretty difficult to fill up on the bad foods because there just simply wasn’t room on the plate.  And naturally you DO NOT go back for a second helping.

Trick #1: Always include a protein with each meal to stay full.  Do not fill up on bread and wheat products because you will be bloated and unsatisfied later as well as hungry.  And no, more food in the stomach does NOT soak up alcohol, in fact it creates more material that your body can convert to bad fat.

How to deal with the open bar situation! Yes, we all love and appreciate a good swim up bar.  But no one appreciates a beer belly or excess body fat stuffed into a bathing suit that is itsy bitsy teeny weeny.  And YES I saw FAR too much of that for my liking. While it made me feel better about myself in my conservative swim gear, and it motivated me to eat well and drink less, it made me realize once again why I’m in this health business.  There are so many people who want to look smokin’  hot in a bikini and just don’t know how.  So okay, we know there’s a swim up bar and a never ending supply of Rum….but how do we control ourselves? And why do we want to?  Good questions!  By bringing your own beverage container and alternating between alcoholic beverage and water, you have taken a giant leap in a healthier direction.  Stay away from alcohol until at least noon….I know, it’s always noon somewhere and you are on vacation, but your body is dehydrated in the heat of the beach, and needs water.  Then have a drink! Then have two bottles of water….then a drink!  Then two more bottles of water and repeat for the rest of the day!  This generally limits the drinks to 1-2 during the beach day, and 1-2 at night.  Next, you want to pick drinks that do not contain crazy amounts of sugar.  Alcohol is all your body can handle, by adding cups of sugar, you are adding on the pounds.  So have a rum on ice, or orange juice and alcohol of choice because in these places the fruit juice is almost always fresh and has less added sugar.  But having a fruity drink with an umbrella will have added sugars that you don’t want.  Even beer is a better choice in the long run as it will actually settle an upset stomach if you have travellers stomach.  (Don’t go using that as an excuse to drink more beer though!)

Okay, now we’ve talked about the food and the drink…what about the gym?

Going to the gym can feel like work…but really, what else do you have to do that day except sit in a chair sipping an ice cold beverage and reading a book?  Have you ever noticed how much more pleasant you are after your gym session? Well if you haven’t, I guarantee your friends and family have, and so to ease any tensions of traveling with children, spouses, friends etc and being confined to a tiny hotel room 24/7, go to the gym, or get a form of exercise in.  We all need our space and traveling with those we love is awesome, but also annoying after 7 days or so.  I will not believe you if you tell me you have never been annoyed by being in someone’s presence every hour of the day for 7 days straight….it’s not possible if you are awake and a human being.  So to curb those drink calories, and to reduce any travel tensions, and also to keep a healthy digestive routine, lace up the runners and just get it done!

Eat breakfast first because you will have more energy for the exercise, and it will encourage you to eat healthy since no one likes to go for  a job, swim, bike etc on an overfull deep fried stomach.  Grab a couple hard boiled eggs and a banana at breakfast for the road and snack after the gym to stay full.  Do your choice of cardio for a minimum of 30 minutes and then add in some body weight exercises like squats and push ups for added benefit.  Get in a good yoga stretch and you’re done!  Phew! it’s now 10am and you are free to spend the rest of the day chilling in a beach chair!  The feeling you have of health and vitality after the workout will then make you feel more inclined to eat a healthy lunch as well which is a double bonus.

So there you have it! Healthy All Inclusives!  Yes, it’s possible because I just did it myself and proved it can be done!

Now for a shameless business plug.  Tomorrow Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 7pm at the Milton Hawthorne Cafe Living Green Nutrition will be starting it’s April Weight Loss Group which will run for 8 weeks every wednesday night.  This group is not only for people who wish to lose weight, but for those who just need to learn some healthier lifestyle and eating habits.  We will be doing things like food demos, meal planning on a budget, healthy lunches, desserts done the healthy way, exercise routines, and how to make goals and journal properly.  I will be taking you through every step of the process personally and will provide all the worksheets and materials to keep you going.  If you are looking for a permanent health fix, not just a fad diet, then come on out and get some encouragement from others just like you!  You can find more information about this group at , by emailing, calling 416-992-1586, or finding us on facebook at Living Green Nutrition! You can sign up online, or just show up that night! All are welcome.

Yours Always,

The Living Green Girl



This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Wellness Business Summit put on by the amazing Lori Kennedy in Toronto.  If you have ever undertaken to do something like start a business, you know that it’s no walk in the park.  It’s long hours, a lot of learning, leaping outside your comfort zone, adapting to plan B, C, D…and E all in the same week! Oh, and possibly some minor carpel tunnel syndrome.  But at the end of the day, when that very first client, pays you for the very first time, it’s suddenly all worth it.  And so after a year in business while also working full time, it was finally time to jump into my dream 100% and not look back.  And then the panic set in….

It was amazing to listen to some of the most inspirational people in the wellness industry tell their stories.  In the wellness industry, when you’re an entrepreneur, most people around you just think you’re completely nuts.  It was amazing to be around people who “just get it” and they wanted to help me! Incredible! Well bring it on!

After listening to the likes of Dr. Sara Celik, Lori Kennedy, Stefanie Joanne and many more, I’m pumped up and I’m going to get shit done! as they say.  So long story short, thank you to everyone for the wealth of knowledge this weekend and I hope to make you all proud!

For those of you out there considering starting your own business, go out and find your inspiration.  You need to know what you love, and why you love it.  Find people who inspire you and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and every other way possible.  Find a mentor you trust and run straight at whatever it is you’re scared of that’s holding you back.  Because it’s worth it!

The Living Green Girl


AM Workouts

This one is for my sports nutrition side and all my followers who are not sure why they need to workout. I have recently begun doing AM workouts on Sunday mornings at 8:30am at the Milton Highschool. It’s been a small but dedicated group of ladies thus far and I’m excited to get more people out over the next few months. I began going to the track every Sunday after work just to clear my head, get a good sweat going, and decompress going into another work week. Some time in June I thought…why don’t I grow some awareness for workouts and the power of group workouts since I’m here anyway! (so hint hint, if you haven’t come out yet…get your butt out of bed and come make some new friends!)
As a former rower, I’m no stranger to the AM workout. But as a person, I’m NOT a morning exerciser. I’m cranky, quiet, and in no mood to talk in the morning, but every time I finish an AM session, I feel happier, lighter, and ready to conquer my day. It also means I get to go straight home after work instead of heading to the gym because no matter how tired and crank I am in the morning, I’m physically drained in the evening and that is a recipe for disaster. While I don’t recommend 4:30am workouts(this is something I don’t miss about rowing), I do recommend any time from 6am to 10am.
There are a few logical reasons to workout in the AM:

1) It wakes up your metabolism: Just like that first glass of water and breakfast in the morning, exercising first thing can kickstart a healthy metabolism and promotes regular digestion.

2)It gives you more energy and mental acuity: You will be more productive at work and happier all day long. Who can argue with that?

3)Your body will appreciate the schedule: Doing the same routine everyday allows your body to physically prepare for the morning workout before you even wake up. If your body knows you workout everyday at 7am, it will be better equipped to handle your daily nutrition intake and be more prepared, leaving you with more energy.

4)Weight Loss: AM workouts are a great way to regulate weight. The regularity of workouts, like the regularity of food intake allows for proper weight loss and maintenance. The increase in endorphins regulates appetite, and working out in the AM makes you want to make healthier food choices throughout the day. You also get better, deeper, and therefore more productive sleep.

5)It’s a foolproof way to get in daily exercise and time for yourself. With all the stresses and unexpected events in life, getting in a morning workout everyday ensures that you will make to every soccer game, school play, social event, and family time. It also gives you time to prepare mentally for all the things that your day will bring.

6) If you are not a morning person (like me), have your workout clothes by your bed, roll out of bed, into the clothes, brush your teeth, drink some water, grab a light snack, and before you are even awake, you will be done your workout and feeling great the rest of the day. Remember…you can always take a power nap!

So before you make yet another excuse why you aren’t exercising, or why you aren’t eating healthier options, try AM workouts. You will solve many problems at once, you will feel great about yourself, and you will WANT to keep doing it because you will love it! As a nutritionist, I know that exercise and the lifestyle you choose to lead is a huge factor in your dietary choices. If you find it hard to avoid Tim Horton’s on your way to work, try working out in the morning and you may just be able to skip that morning coffee. You’ll be sipping protein smoothies and fresh juices all the way to work with the windows down and the music up!

Once again, Living Green Nutrition is at the Milton District Highschool every Sunday morning at 8:30am until the snow flies! We will then be taking it indoors to the Milton Sports Centre. If we get enough people each week we can get some really fun activities going, like beach volleyball, soccer, and dodgeball. Who knew getting fit could be so much fun?!

Yours truly,

The Living Green Girl